Argyris & Margaritta  


Your presence at our wedding is the best present we could wish for, But because you asked we are registered at Macy's and Williams Sonoma. Please visit our registry page here (link) for all the details.


Williams - Sonoma:


Can I bring a guest?

Bride: In order to keep our guest list on track we are only able to accommodate those guests formally invited on your wedding invitation. Please feel free to e-mail us and let us know in advance. 

Groom: Sure, the more the merrier (Just let let us a month before.)

Will there by any events before or after the wedding?

Bride: We have our Bridal Shower in Chicago on the 10th of June. Also, before the wedding my mother will be hosting a party at our home in Artemida.  Please contact us for details.

Whom should I call with questions on the day?

Bride: Konstantinos Aggelinas

Groom: My best men: 

Stefanos Koukolis

Angelos Stamatakis

Aristomenis Xanthopoulos

Is it ok if I take pictures with my phone during the ceremony?

Bride: We are so honored you have taken the time to witness our marriage and this beautiful moment of our lives.  We have given ourselves the gift of hiring a professional photographer to capture the day so you can sit back, relax and enjoy being truly present and in the moment with us. We would greatly appreciate if you would turn off your phones and put down your cameras and be part of our ceremony with us. 

Groom: Put your phones down and enjoy the show, you can take pictures after the ceremony. 

Will the ceremony be taking place indoors or outdoors?

Bride: Our religious ceremony will be indoors and our reception will be held outdoors in a grass and stone garden. Stilettos beware. 

Groom: Outside. It's hot. In case of sudden rain, we have an indoor solution.

Can I bring my children?

Bride: Of Course! Let us know so we can include them if we have not already done so!

Groom: Yea, why not. Let us know. 

Have you reserved hotel room blocks

Bride: Yes we have, contact us for details 

If we would like to send you something where should send it?

Bride: The best address in the US is 1061 Wicke Ave, Des Plaines IL, 60018

Groom: In Greece you can send them here: 50, Plapouta Street, 114 73, Athens